All posts for the month November, 2012

I am a carbon-based lifeform.  I grew up in Louisiana and Texas; my father was a philosophy professor, my mother a pediatric oncology researcher.  My sister is a flute professor, and my brother owns a small business and does support work for Dell.

When I left home, I attended the Texas Academy of Math and Sciences at the University of North Texas, which meant starting college pretty early.  When I finished that, I moved to Austin, attended UT for a while, started working in the Computer Science department.

By now, I’ve worked there for 20+ years, moving up in responsibility.  I’m currently deeply involved in the planning for transitioning the department’s infrastructure to the new Bill & Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex.

My wife Cynthia is a Ph.D. student in robotics at the University of Washington in Seattle.  There is a lot of travel involved.

I’m big into movies; I built a stadium-seating theater in my house that seats 26 with a 150″ screen.

In my spare time I like to fix things.  Anything, really: electronics, software, cars, plumbing, whatever.  I also like video games, and I have a cat.