All posts for the month December, 2021

So a couple of days ago I noticed that a cryptocurrency/NFT startup was using Blocks from Hell on their site (along with other unlicensed games) as part of a thing they push as “Get Paid to Play Games!”. In reality you have to front some amount of currency to play games, and while you play they pool it together and use it to mine new currency via Proof-of-Stake, and kick back some scaled percentage to you. So it’s less “get paid to play games” and more “a weird savings account that only accrues interest when you are actively playing Minesweeper, from a non-bank that is not regulated or insured”. I can see why they went with their description. The games, of course, serve no real purpose beyond marketing gimmick and psychological hook.

I am amused by the hypocrisy involved in people who are selling NFTs from a website built by copying a bunch of games without any permission or licensing. Not surprised, but amused.

Anyway, for any future cases like this, I am not interested. For the current site, I asked them to remove the game and they have promised to take it down in the next couple of weeks.